<!-- TITLE: Books --> <!-- SUBTITLE: Recommended Typewriter Books --> # General * [The Typewriter Revolution](http://www.typewriterrevolution.com) by Richard Polt * [Typewriter: A Celebration of the Ultimate Writing Machine](http://amzn.com/1454920785) by Paul Robert & Peter Weil * [TYPEWRITERS: Iconic Machines from the Golden Age of Mechanical Writing](http://amzn.com/1452154880) by Anthony Casillo # History * Adler, Michael. Antique Typewriters, from Creed to QWERTY. Schiffer Publishing, 1997. * Adler, Michael H. The Writing Machine. London: George Allen & Unwin, 1973. * Allan, Tony. Typewriter: The History, The Machines, The Writers. Shelter Harbor Press, 2015. * Anderson, Tyler. [The Fox Typewriter Company](http://www.lulu.com/shop/search.ep?contributorId=1464984) * Beeching, Wilfred A. Century of the Typewriter. London: Heinemann, 1974. * Blickensderfer, Robert and Paul Robert. The Five-Pound Secretary. Virtual Typewriter Museum, 2003. * Bliven, Bruce, Jr. The Wonderful Writing Machine. New York: Random House, 1954. * Casillo, Anthony. Typewriters: Iconic Machines from the Golden Age of Mechanical Writing. Chronicle Books, 2017. * Collector's Guide to Antique Typewriters. Reprint of The Typewriter Topics Encyclopedia of Typewriters (1923), published by the Post Group. * Current, Richard N. The Typewriter and the Men Who Made It. * Dale, Rodney and Rebecca Weaver. Machines in the Office. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1993. * Herrl, George. Catalog of the Carl P. Dietz Collection of Typewriters. Milwaukee: Milwaukee Public Museum, 1965. * James, Duncan. Old Typewriters. London: Shire Publications, 1993. Shire Album #293. * Linoff, Victor (ed). The Typewriter: An Illustrated History. New York: Dover Publications, 2000. A reprint of the 1923 Typewriter Topics Encyclopedia of Typewriters. An important early source that includes lots of usually-reliable data. The same book is available in a smaller format with reproductions of early advertisements, under the name Collector's Guide to Antique Typewriters (see above). * Lippman, Paul. American Typewriters: A Collector's Encyclopedia. Hoboken, N.J.: Original & Copy, 1992. * Mares, G.C. History of the Typewriter, Successor to the Pen. London: Guilbert Pitman, 1909. Reprinted by the Post Group. * Martin, Ernst (pseudonym of Johannes Meyer). Die Schreibmaschine und ihre Entwicklungsgeschichte. 4th ed: Pappenheim, Bavaria, 1949. * Messenger, Robert. The Magnificent 5 (And 250 Other Great Things About Portable Typewriters). 2011. * Masi, Frank (ed.). The Typewriter Legend. Secaucus, N.J.: Matsushita Electric Corporation of America, 1985. Uncredited author: Don Sutherland. * Morton, Jett. The Oliver Typewriter Company: Machines and History. 2011. * Mullaney, Thomas S. The Chinese Typewriter: A History. MIT Press, 2017. * Rehr, Darryl. Antique Typewriters & Office Collectibles. Collector Books, 1997. * Robert, Paul. Sexy Legs and Typewriters. Virtual Typewriter Museum, 2004. "Women in office-related advertising, humor, glamour, and erotica." * Robert, Paul and Peter Weil. Typewriter: A Celebration of the Ultimate Writing Machine. Sterling, 2016. * Russo, Thomas. Mechanical Typewriters: Their History, Value, and Legacy. Schiffer Publishing, 2002. By the same author: Office Collectibles: 100 Years of Business Technology. * SFO Museum. The Typewriter: An Innovation in Writing. 2017. * Vangool, Janine. The Typewriter: A Graphic History of the Beloved Machine. UPPERCASE, 2016. * Webster, F. S. Company. Typewriters of All Kinds and Our Galaxy of Stars. 1898. # Maintenance * [The Manual Typewriter Repair Bible](https://www.thebookpatch.com/BookStore/the-manual-typewriter-repair-bible/2766c1d9-4c9f-41f0-ab4a-d02a4ba74fe0) by Theodore Munk. If you get just one book, this should be it * TWDB OOPRAP (Out-of-Print Reference Archive Project) by Theodore Munk * [PDF](https://sellfy.com/twdb) * [Printed+Bound](https://www.thebookpatch.com/BookStoreResults?search=Theodore+Munk&ddl=authors) # Fiction * [Uncommon Type: Some Stories](http://amzn.com/1101946156) by Tom Hanks