<!-- TITLE: Type-Ins --> <!-- SUBTITLE: type with others --> A "type-in" is an in-person event where people get together to type, socialize, and share about typewriters. Commonly hosted by a business or organization, it can be a fun way to meet other enthusiasts, try out a variety of typewriters, or perhaps share a few of your own machines. We haven't found a centralized directory or calendar of them yet, but online typewriter [communities](/useful-links/resources#communities) often publicize them. A type-in calendar may be on the horizon here at Typewriter Life, but not yet. **Fun Fact:** An outdoor type-in is sometimes called a "type-out". A history of the first several years of type-ins can be found at http://type-in.org. More documentation of type-ins can be found on Welcome to the Typosphere: http://typosphere.blogspot.com/search/label/type-in