A Quick History

The L.C. Smith & Bros. Typewriter Company was founded in Syracuse, N.Y. on January, 1st, 1903 by Lyman C. Smith and his brothers Hurlburt W., Wilbert L. and Monroe C., who resign from Smith Premier over the company's refusal to introduce a frontstroke typewriter. The Smith brothers, along with former Smith Premier employee Carl Gabrielson introduce L.C. Smith No. 2 in 1904.

The Rose Typewriter Company formed in 1908 by George Rose, son of Frank S. Rose, who designed the Standard Folding #1 in 1902. The machine was patented in 1904, but Frank Rose died in 1905 before he could see his design be manufactured. Manufacturing began in 1908 and in 1909 the manufacturing rights were purchased by Ben Conger and C. F. Brown, who formed The Standard Folding Typewriter Company and set up manufacturing in Groton, N.Y. and name changed to "Corona Typewriter Company" in 1914.

L.C. Smith & Bros. merges with Corona Typewriter Company in 1925 to become "L.C. Smith Bros. & Corona Typewriters, Inc." headquartered in Syracuse, N.Y.
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