How to contribute to the wiki

Getting Access

So you're a typewriter enthusiast and want to contribute to the wiki? Great! Here's what you do:

  1. Create a login. You can authenticate with Facebook or Google, or email us to request a local wiki-only account.
  2. Email to introduce yourself and request edit permission.

That's it! We'll set up your access and message you back promptly.

Glad to have you with us!

Wiki Syntax

This wiki uses a simple markup language called Markdown. It was designed to be simpler than full HTML and as close to "plain text" as possible. (You can also mix in straight HTML in case you want to do something more advanced.)

Here's some light reading to get you going:


A wiki is a large living document, so content and organization will change over time. When you create a new page, the wiki will first ask you for a path:

Wiki New Page

Any name that hasn't been used before will work. However, it does make things cleaner if you place your new page into a section. To do this, just start your page name with a path. For example: history/my-new-page. Sections can also be nested to create subsections, such as maintenance/underwood/no5. You can create a new section just by typing a new path here. Existing pages can be moved to a new path later, so don't stress too much over your initial choice.

The "All Pages" view uses these sections to automatically create a folder-based navigation. Any other links to your page will have to be created manually (where appropriate) on other wiki pages.

The initial top-level categories are:

  • history
  • today
  • models
  • maintenance
  • useful-links

These will change over time. Visit the wiki home page or poke through the "All Pages" link to see what's currently in use.


You can link to images hosted elsewhere or upload them directly to the wiki. If you get an error when uploading, your image is probably too large. Try resizing it so that it's under 1MB. If problems persist, please contact us.